Parish Council

Each of the eight parishes in Winterthur delegates Parish Council members in the Roman Catholic Church in Winterthur (Kirchgemeinde). The Parish Council forms the executive of the Catholic Church (Kirchgemeinde) and is made up of 17 members. Each parish should, where possible, be represented by two members. Parish Council members are elected to the Catholic Church convention. Parish priests and parish community lay leaders take part in Parish Council meetings in an advisory capacity. Eight ordinary Parish Council meetings take place each year.

The Parish Council is responsible for preparing the business on which the voting members decide, and implements the decisions taken by the voting members. Furthermore, the Parish Council is responsible for staff matters, and also manages the parish accounts. In order to meet these responsibilities, it appoints officers in charge for each ministry concerned.

The Parish Council of the Roman Catholic Church in Winterthur (Kirchgemeinde) is made up of ministries and commissions: finance, building and property, staff, youth, ecclesiastical development aid, social duties, information and ICT.