Celebrating Life

In our liturgical worship we come together to lay all the varied aspects of our personal lives before God, to hear his word from the Holy Scripture and to respond to Him in prayer and in song. Celebrating together awakens and deepens our faith and empowers us to pursue our daily cares and concerns.
We celebrate a wide array of liturgical services: The Holy Mass (the Eucharist), the Liturgy of the Word with Communion, Ecumenical Worship, Meditation, and Liturgical Worship for families, women, the youth, children, the elderly and much more.

Signs and Rituals

For special occasions of our lives the church provides special liturgical symbols and rites through which we seek God’s nearness and reassure ourselves of His abiding presence: blessings, sacraments, funerals etc.
Liturgy is the sum of these various forms of worship.

Participation in worship

During the liturgical service, everyone in the congregation may actively participate, be it by singing along or praying with, as an altar server, organist or lector, as a lay minister of Holy Communion or cantor, as a member of a choir, a singing group or any liturgical group. For more information on the wide range of liturgical services (type of worship, place and time), please check out the individual parish websites.

Come and celebrate with us!