Religious Education

Growing in Faith

The Church's religious education program, often called "Unti" (from the German word ‘Unterricht ‘) enables children and young people to become familiar with the Christian faith and to grow deeper in it. The instruction supplements the religious upbringing in the family. In addition to the school subject "Religion and Culture" the pupils are instructed in the parish and guided to learn about  their Christian, Catholic faith. In the parish classrooms they discuss our beliefs, learn different ways of expressing the faith, and thereby experience a living Christian community of believers. In this manner, the children grow in faith with the help of contemporary teaching methods that are appropriate for their age.

Starting with Home Group Lessons

The parish religious education begins in the first grade with the  home group lessons (Heimgruppenunterricht – HGU). In this form, volunteer parents and catechists are actively involved in providing religious education to children. The children learn in their initial religious instruction the basics of faith which convey to them the experience that God and the Christian faith are a source of  joy and comfort.

First Communion and Confirmation

The preparation for the first reception of the Sacrament of Holy Communion takes place in the third grade. The classes in the fourth grade lead in most parishes towards the Sacrament of Reconciliation. The path to the Sacrament of Confirmation is open to youngsters from 16-18 years old, depending on the parish.  

Range of Teaching methods

Depending on the age of the children, the parish religious instruction will be provided on a weekly, bi-weekly or block-hours basis, depending on the parish. Other components of the instruction package are special peak educational events such as adventure days, bible nights, excursions and so forth. The forms and ways of the Church's religious education vary from parish to parish. In some situations the instruction will be organized jointly by two or more parishes. More information is available on the individual parish pages.

We are glad to accompany your children along with you in their faith journey!