Sacraments und Rituals

Experiencing God's Proximity

The Catholic Church has many rituals and symbolic acts that invite us and help us to express our faith  and experience it concretely – be it the lighting of a candle for someone in need or, for example, during blessings and funerals. The seven sacraments play a vital role in this regard (see internal link)): baptism, communion, confirmation, marriage, ordination, reconciliation (confession) and anointing of the sick.

Related to Basic Life Changes

Sacraments are often associated with fundamental changes and transitions in life like the birth of a child, the coming of age of a young adult, the lovers´commitment to a partnership or an impending death.

Salvific Symbols

The symbolic acts and words in the administration of the sacraments make visible and tangible that our whole life is held secure and  embraced by the love of God. Sacraments are signs of salvation which let us experience with our senses God´s desire to be close to His people and to accompany us in light and dark moments of our lives. «Sakramentum» is the Latin translation of the Greek word "Mysterion" which is still felt in the word "mystery". It's all about « divine mystery » that we people commit ourselves to.

For more information about the preparation for individual sacraments, please refer to the individual parish pages.