Adult Education and Spirituality

Deepening the faith

Are you looking for meaning, happiness, security and a place you may call home? Many people are longing for it - even in faith. They want to know, reflect, or deepen their Christian faith. Sometimes changes in your own life, unexpected events and questions of your own children about "God and the world," about practically all and sundry, make you aware from time to time of the need to nourish your faith.

Seeking and Listening

Especially in our present times, where traditions are no longer passed on or are simply taken for granted, in our age where every person has to find his own path of faith, it is important for many contemporaries to seek and listen. For faith is not a finished business. Becoming a Christian and keeping the Christian faith is possible only for those who never cease to seek and to listen.

Lifelong Learning

The Catholic Church in Winterthur offers various educational programs - most of which are done in the German language.

Brochure "denk.pause"

The biannual brochure "denk.pause", which literally means "think.pause", provides an overview of the numerous events of the Catholic Church in Winterthur in the field of lifelong learning.
Whether you are intellectually or artistically inclined,  whether you would rather dance, discuss issues or go for a walk – you will find an offer that suits your tastes and needs. Welcome!

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