Marriage / wedding

In the beginning there exists the love between two people. Love lives on the living relationship of the couple, on their dreams and hopes, life plans and stories, on their ability to respond to each other, to respect and trust each other. The risk of the common adventure is huge. For the relationship to grow it is important that questions about the future and the prospects of their being together are thematized and clarified.

Marriage preparation courses

We will accompany you in these central questions of life - regardless of whether or not you opt for a church wedding. Twice a year the parish of Sts. Peter and Paul offers a full-time marriage preparation course on a Saturday for the whole region Winterthur and surroundings: in February or March and June (from 08.30 AM till 4.30 PM). We welcome couples planning a church wedding or who just got married in church. The parish office of Sts. Peter and Paul ((link)) informs you of the actual schedule of the course.

YES as a promise

The decision to get married is an act of mutual trust, knowing that human relationships are fragile and vulnerable. The failing partnerships make us constantly aware the  fragility of marriage. Even the « Yes, I do » made during the marital vows does not guarantee a life without trouble.  But beneath that « Yes, I do » lies a promise that crisis situations can be overcome together. God's promise is true in good times and in bad times. This is an essential message of the Gospel.

Symbolism of the church wedding

The Bible shows us that God loves His people. In Jesus Christ He reveals to us that He wants to give us Life in its fullness. Love is a gift from God. In the church wedding this is enacted symbolically and made visible and tangible. People do not acquire their dignity through their achievements, but by their God-given individual personality and their being loved by God.

The church wedding is a sign of God´s faith in His people, a faith that can give courage and strength when times get rough.