The second sacrament is the sacrament of communion – from the Latin "communio". Alternatively we speak of the "Eucharist" (from the Greek word for thanksgiving). The communion with Jesus in the form of bread and wine is a central aspect of our catholic faith. At the Last Supper before his suffering and death Jesus entrusted to his disciples the command to often share with one another bread and wine as he promised them and us his abiding presence everytime we celebrate this act of sharing. Every year on Holy Thursday we commemorate the institution of the Eucharist. This event on Holy Thursday is considered in the churches as the origin of the Eucharistic celebrations. Later, the celebrations shifted to the first day of the week, Sunday. On Sundays we celebrate in the Eucharist the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus, as it were, a little Easter.

Feast of the First Reception of the Holy Communion

A major event for children is the time when they are taken with the First Communion in the fellowship of the Eucharistic table. Therefore, the First Communion is celebrated with a big family feast. The First Communion takes place at an age in which the child can already distinguish between reality and fantasy, between religious affiliation and familial community.