Baptism is the first and fundamental sacrament in which we celebrate God's “YES” to His people. Through baptism a person also becomes a member of the Christian community. For this reason it is often linked with childbirth. The birth of a child is an extraordinary experience. It is an experience of transition for both the child and the parents. The child comes out of the comfort zone of the womb into the world and begins with the first breath his independent life. Fathers and mothers often ask new questions: Where do we orient ourselves in our role as parents? What may we hope for, whom can we turn to as we raise our child? Who accompanies us along the way? Where do we want to belong?

Education based on christian values

We are pleased to help and offer you our accompaniment on these important issues. Your decision to have your child baptized entails your YES to educate your child in the spirit of the Good News of Jesus, that is, on the basis of Christian values, and to familiariaze your child with the life of the Church.

The order of baptism

The baptismal ceremony (or christening) will take place in the context of community worship (mass) or as a separate celebration in the  family circle. The main elements of this liturgy are the preaching of the Gospel, the profession of the christian faith and the actual act of baptism. The celebrant pours the holy water over the head of the child and baptizes him/her in the name of God the Father, the Son and he Holy Spirit.

Thereafter, the celebrant anoints the child with the holy oil of chrism as a sign of its special election by God, just as kings, prophets and priests in the old testament were anointed upon election. After placing the baptismal garment on the newly baptized, the baptismal candle is lit from the Easter candle. The light symbolizes that Jesus Christ shall be the light on the path of the newly baptized.


For baptism you need at least a godmother (Götti) or a godfather (Gotte) for your child. The commitment to sponsor expresses a willingness to accompany the child in his/her personal life and on the faith journey. In general, the godparents should belong to a christian church, at least one of them should be a member of the catholic church.

Interdenominational partnership

Do you live in an interdenominational partnership/marriage? Although baptism is mutually accepted by the christian churches, a child can be baptized only in a specific church. Therefore, you should agree on in which church you want to have your child baptized.

Children may be baptized at any age. It is also possible, of course, to be baptized as an adult. Your parish will inform you about the concrete procedure in this regard.